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“… one of the most distinguished German pianists of his generation: versatile in his pianistic possibilities, his highly attractive repertoire that transcends borders and his wide range of interests.”
Gerhard R. Koch, music critic FAZ


audite 97.811   /   2023

“A clear, lean and pure piano sound, a good inner agility and a pleasant cantabile”,  Remy Franck, Pizzicato


“varied and passionate piano playing”, Maarten-Jan Dongelmans, DeGelderlander

audite 97.740   /  2017

“expressive and vibrant playing”
“Murtfeld plays with a full scope and effortless technique.”

Sang Woo Kang, American Record Guide

“expressive and generous, yet never pretentious or pathetic…”
pizzicato, Remy Franck’s Journal about classical music

audite 92.702  /  2014

“This stylistically varied program is well performed by German pianist Ulrich Roman Murtfeld. He obviously has the taste as well as the virtuosity required by the various composers.” – Guy Engels, Pizzicato

“Murtfeld is a pianist to reckon with. He has a point of view and a vivid imagination. His playing is both a pleasure to listen to and (speakin as an American) downright refreshing. Heartily recommended.” – Patrick Rucker, International Record Review

“This beautifully produced SACD presents Murtfeld at his musical best.” – Steven Hall, The Piano Magazine – Clavier Companion

Produktion: M.Cronenbold Ltd.

Recording location : Studio Domovina, Prague
Recording Director : Dr. Milan Slavicky
Piano : Steinway D

Price: 15 € + postage
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